The suspension of your vehicle ensures the stability of your car while you are on the road and ultimately ensuring your safety.

The ultimate purpose of your vehicle suspension is to maximize the friction between the tyres and the road surfaces.

Most of us have encountered poor road conditions while travelling and by having the best suspension kit, it will provide steering stability and good handling to ensure the comfort of the driver and passengers.

Here are 6 signs that your suspension needs to be checked for repairs:

  1. Car ride isn't smooth
  2. If your vehicle is drifting or pulling to the side
  3. Your vehicle feels as if it is "diving forward" when stopping
  4. If you tyre tread is uneven (you can read more about that on our tyres page)
  5. If your shocks look oily or damaged - they are situated underneath your vehicle
  6. Try the "bounce test" by applying pressure downwards onto your vehicle but make sure it is turned off while doing so


Feel free to contact us or have one of our experienced team of staff have a look and test them for you.

We stock various brands of suspension kits but we will offer the best advice on which product would suit your needs and budget. 

Understanding what suspension is - click here to view a video

EFS is a popular suspension brand which was designed and developed in Australia. They offer a fully integrated system combining shocks, springs and components that are matched through appropriate valving and rates to suit specific 4 wheel drive.    

 We are confident in EFS and they are backed by a 3 year/ 100 000km warranty.

EFS (Enhanced 4wd Suspension) gives you added control and safety when it counts, with improved handling and better designed shock absorber and spring combinations. EFS wil help keep your loaded 4wd under control.

To read more about the product - click here.

Grabriel first came to South Africa in 1935 being imported from USA and from 1962 manufacturing began in South Africa. Gabriel made its mark in history as early as 1907 when they developed and patented the first shock absorber.

With over 100 years of experience Gabriel offers a quality guarantee so you can rest at ease about your safety.



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